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The Basics Of A Psychic Reading

What is a psychic reading?

A psychic reading is when a psychic observes your energy and discerns your past, present and future.  

A general reading is when the psychic discerns personal information about a client without consciously knowing anything about them. 

Great! Now What About These Questions…

Some people ask “what is a psychic energy reading?”. An energy reading is a reading of your auric field.

Intuitive energy is measurable and an important part of an accurate psychic reading. This is not a mind reading but rather the psychic reads your energy (or aura) that radiates.

Your question might be “what is the difference between a tarot reading and a psychic-tarot reading?”

When giving a tarot card reading I use the brotherhood of the light Egyptian deck tarot deck looking at all aspects of your emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and physical self. I am not just using the socially accepted meanings of the cards.

There is the major arcana in the minor arcana in the tarot deck. The minor arcana are split into four suites such as pentacles, wands, swords, and cups that correspond to regular playing cards. These support the major arcana cards and to give a total picture.

The main difference is that anyone can do a tarot reading, and a psychic-tarot reading means the psychic uses their intuitive method to read the client. 

The psychic can read the cards uncover the past, present and future, including predictions.

How should you Prepare for a Psychic Reading

Have An Open Mind

I always encourage my clients not to have any preconceptions about what they're going to hear or the outcomes. Skeptic or believer, clients must be open to what they're about to experience. Aspects that you are not asking about may also come up in the reading.

Know What Type of Reading You Want

Write down specific questions and think about what you want from the reading. Psychics cover a range of topics. Some can connect with loved ones in spirit while others give palm readings or use runes.

The most common type of readings are:

Check to see that the psychic has expertise in the area you are interested in before you book a reading. Word of mouth is a great way to find a good psychic, so don’t hesitate to ask around.

Do an online search for psychics, mediums or tarot card readers to find the reader that's right for you. You can call and let them know what you’re looking for and see whether their response aligns with your needs.

Prepare Plenty Of Specific Questions

If there’s a reason that you think you need to consult a psychic, be prepared for your reading with plenty of specific questions.

If you offer vague questions you will get vague answers. Psychics will do the best they can to answer your questions, but they will most likely be answers in the manner in which they were asked. Set you intentions for the reading ahead of time.

You might ask:

Asking these types of questions will give you a better chance of receiving clear answers that will help you

Prepare Yourself

When you’ve decided on the psychic you want to see, schedule an appointment with them. Be sure you pick a day and time that is convenient for you, even if you need extra time with the psychic. Be as relaxed as possible.

Being calm and clear will assure that your reading will be unaffected by your stress and any disruptions to your energy.

Record The Reading Or Take Notes

To give yourself time to process what you hear in the reading it is best to take notes or record the reading so that you can listen to it later. You may hear information in the reading that doesn't make sense. Having the time to reflect on it later may help you make sense of the information, especially if you recorded it.

Don’t Expect The Reading To Be Perfect

Even though many psychics can access other realms, it is not assured that all the information received in the reading will be considered 100% accurate. Some of the symbols or energy the psychic relays to you may not seem accurate.

If most everything the psychic says during a reading seems correct, the reading is a good reading.

Hopefully this information gives you a better concept of what a psychic reading involves.