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"Discover the best psychic tarot card readings for love, career or other questions in Olympia. Get insights into your romantic or career future. Book your reading today. By appointment only!

Olympia Clients Are Saying:

I found Bill when on a journey for an honest no nonsense card reader. I have had my cards read 2x in person and once on the phone. I go back for the mere fact that he is transparent and quite accurate. My business had been up for sale for over a year and my broker was getting hits, but nothing solid. My first question to Bill was to see what cards revealed for my business... 10, 10 month, 10days, the number 10 and two came up so much. But he pinned down that my business should be sold in 10 weeks. 6 days later, I had an offer just below asking, and it closed 9.2 weeks later. He even stated the two was for either both businesses or two would women would purchase the one I was waiting on to go. All along I thought it was one female, because only one came in to sign the offer. But at closing, two women signed, because they were the LLC. Enough said! I go back when I need some light shed on my businesses and he really does a fine job!!!
- Madeline F

Omg Bill was so spot on with everything! He was very polite and helpful. Have me allot of onsite new things! The cards read I would be starting a new job within 30days although I wasn't really looking super hard within 2 weeks a got a call from a new job, which I started!! He showed me the man in my life is a Pieces and he was correct!! My Husband of years!
Very pleasant clean working space and very professional.
- Erika R

I've had phone readings with Bill 2 years now.  He is excellent.  I am shocked at times how things happen as he describes.  He has such a great track record I reach out to him now prior to big decisions for guidance.  I try to check in with a phone reading every 2 to 3 or 4 months.  I take notes and he can record the readings.  I always go back and listen to them.  Spot on for me!
- L B

I first went to see Bill when I was visiting Washington State, house and cat sitting for a friend.  I was very happy with the reading I received that day, it confirmed things going on in my life at the time as well as future events in the works.  I live in Hawaii and have continued to have Bill complete readings for me over the phone.  He is very punctual when calling for the reading and has great email and text communication, reminding you of your appointment time.  A+
- Malia Anne M

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About Olympia Psychic Bill

The charge for psychic tarot card readings are $60 for 30 minutes and $120 for an hour. I also offer a 15 Minute Mini Reading for $30.

* It is always inappropriate to ask a reader questions based on another reader's information.

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My Metaphysical Education:

Certification in Akashic Records Reading, 2019
Studied Tarot Card Reading Shirlee Teabo, 2002 to Winter 2012
Studied Tarot Card Reading Elva May, 2009, 2010, Winter 2014
Certification in Reiki Master Attunement September 1994
Certification in Mastering Psychic Awareness I-VI Psychic Energy Center 1988
Certification in Past Life Therapy Psychic Energy Center 1988

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Olympia Washington Psychic, Love Readings, Career Readings, Tarot Readings
Olympia Washington Psychic, Love Readings, Career Readings, Tarot Readings
Tacoma Psychic, Seattle Psychic, Love Readings, Career Readings, Tarot Readings
Tacoma Psychic, Seattle Psychic, Love Readings, Career Readings, Tarot Readings
Tacoma Psychic, Seattle Psychic, Love Readings, Career Readings, Tarot Readings

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Remember, no matter where you are or where you're located, you can always reach out for a phone or virtual reading. Below are the areas where most people get in touch with Bill Champlin, Psychic Love & Career Readings.
Tumwater, Lacey, Dupont and the entire Pacific Northwest.

You must be 18 years of age or older to receive a reading. Readings are considered entertainment and educational in nature and should be viewed as such. This information is for individual and private purposes. It is not intended for medical or psychological diagnosis or prognosis. Bill Champlin does not claim to treat or cure disease. If you choose to have a reading with Bill, you agree that there will be no guarantees, implied warranties or assurances of any kind. Bill is not responsible for interpretations made or used by recipients of messages. Information provided in your reading is not meant to be a substitute for services provided by a medical doctor, mental health professional, financial advisor, attorney or clergy person. After making a purchase you agree there will be no refunds issued.

"Gift Readings" and Cancellation Policy

I do not offer gift cards or allow clients to pay for other people's “gift” readings. Readings are personal, private and meant to be used exclusively by the person receiving the reading to gain helpful information.

You may cancel and reschedule yourself prior to three hours before your appointment time. There is no refund for appointments booked and not conducted because I cannot get in touch with the client or the client is not prepared. The client reserved the time.

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